"Every human being is the author of his own health or disease." Buddha

3rd Anniversary IVA in 2014, Mauritius

IVA 3rd Anniversary was celebrated on Thursday 18th September 2014, at Chief Coordinator Mohini Purbhoo’s residence Nouvelle Decouverte, St Pierre.
She invited all the  Nouvelle Decouverte Arya Mahila Samaj members, her neighbours, Yoga students  and relatives and the President of ASM Mr Balchand Tanakoo. To grace the function Parivrajak Ashutosh Ji of  Vanprast Sadhak Ashram,  Gujrat, India was the chief guest.

Yagya was performed, ASM Presi

the invitees were quite impressed by Swamiji’s talk and asked quite a few questions relating to becoming a vegetarian.