"Every human being is the author of his own health or disease." Buddha

IVA workshop held at Dureuil AS on 22nd June 2014, Mauritius

IVA workshop held at Dureuil AS on 22nd June 2014 in the presence a huge audience, Mr Peertum Ji, Narendra Ghoorah Ji & other purohits and purohitas, and chief guest Hon. Michael Sik Yuen, Minister of Tourism.


The prog started with Yagya, speech by  Peertum Ji, Ghoorah Ji and I conducted for abt an hour. Can you believe that the Minister attended the wrksp from start to finish — for abt an hour. You will find him in the 3rd photo, left corner in white shirt. He was amazed to learn so many things abt healthy diet. He congratulated me n IVA team for this fantastic job we are doing. He said Drs would fail to give such useful informations.
He told us how he eats only veg food during the day and night whatever wife cooks he eats. But he prefers veg instead of non veg bcoz he finds himself healthy, light  and in 6 months time he lost quite a few kilos just by eating veg during the day. He was so happy and  encouraged others to eat more fruits n veggies like him.