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TV Program – success for International Vegetarian Association, Mauritius

Anita – Special Supporting Team member, Vishad – Coordinator from Savanne District and myself as Chief Coordinator, on 22/01/15 we went to Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) to record for a TV Prog, called Bol Bandhu. It was all about IVA in Mauritius.
On Sunday 1st Feb MBC recorded the IVA workshop for a few mins , conducted at Florida Arya Samaj, Terre Rouge, organised by Mr Jeewuth +  MBC interviewed Keshini, Vyoman and Pta Saulick , 3 SST members.
1st part  was broadcasted on Wed 28th Jan and 2nd part on Wed 4th Feb.
Please find attached some of the photos taken when the prog was broadcasted on TV.
Just sharing with you our achievements.
Comments from public:
  • It was really a successful prog. everybody liked it very much.
  • Whoever watched that prog. has only positive comments abt IVA.
  •  Fluency in Bhojpuri language, made the hindus feel proud.
  • Very good interaction bet. IVA member & the presentator.
  • Almost everyone told me that I know my subject very well, it could be seen, and my Bhojpuri is mind blowing.
  • Many people watched that prog 2 or 3 times. They found it so much interesting & informative. Even I watched it 3 times ( with a very critical eye). It’s more than 10 yrs I do TV prog but I never ever watch any of my prog, but this one was a must to watch….
  • It left an impact on them.
  • I got lots of sms and phone calls from the public who called MBC to get my Mob no. – very good response frm them.
  • Got call from ISKCON followers, very impressed, invited me to conduct wrkshp.
  • Mrs Ramchurn, Vice President of Arya Sabha Mauritius (ASM) n many other members watched the prog. n could not stop flattering, so much impressed, felt proud for ASM, were very happy.
  • Mrs Ramchurn’s comment ” Now we can say with pride that ASM has got true Vedic Soldiers who can fearlessly talk in public.
  • Mrs Ramchurn even invited IVA to conduct workshop in her Samaj, Mare La Chaux, Flacq.
  • Most common +ve responses frm public : we answered all the questions extremely well, explanation was great with examples, no questions were left unanswered.
  • People from my village told my family that they feel proud of me.
  • Many people said that even Drs or nutritionists do not explain the way we did.
  • OMG! loads and loads of congratulations from the public.
  • Lots of them are confused, but would like to become Veg in the near future.
  • Very influential , today they got reasons to become veg….

It’s a long list, I better stop now.

Year 2015 – IVA Mauritius  gave a blockbuster entry. We have many more such tasks waiting for us.
IVA is becoming more and more famous around the island now, and with this our responsibilities are increasing too.
I personally thank all the Mauritius IVA members for their  help, support and encouragement to make the TV prog a success.
Hope to hear from you very soon.