"Every human being is the author of his own health or disease." Buddha

Vegetarian Lunch In Switzerland

Mrs Catherine Jaeggi is a veg and we prepared vegetarian meal at her place in Switzerland. Invited her family for lunch. Mauritian style we cooked puris, potatoes in masala, rougailles in soya bean, pumpkin, sagoo, apalam and panakon drink.

Dressed the table in Indian style, instead of candles we had clay lamps ( diya), no forks, knives and spoons instead we had artificial banana leaves and everybody ate with their hands.

Everybody enjoyed the food and found them very delicious. Even those from Thailand, Cuba  and Switzerland  really appreciated and for the first time had a veg meal. You can see not a single grain of rice or curry left in the leaves.
Before the meal the family wanted to have a Yoga session, some for the first time did Yoga in their life.
Really had a Healthy Body and Healthy Mind day.
Promoting vegetarianism