"Every human being is the author of his own health or disease." Buddha



IVA wrkshp at Triolet Arya Samaj in Aug 2014. Starting and ending with prayer 1st photo the Mahila Samaj Secretary with her welcome speech and other members gave a short

IVA 3rd Anniversary was celebrated on Thursday 18th September 2014, at Chief Coordinator Mohini Purbhoo’s residence Nouvelle Decouverte, St Pierre. She invited all the ¬†Nouvelle Decouverte¬†Arya Mahila Samaj members, her

IVA wrksp conducted Vishad Oomah and I at Bois Cheri Arya Samaj which is found only a few km away from Ganga Talao, Grand Bassin. Held in April 2015 ,

IVA workshop held at Dureuil AS on 22nd June 2014 in the presence a huge audience, Mr Peertum Ji, Narendra Ghoorah Ji & other purohits and purohitas, and chief guest

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