"Every human being is the author of his own health or disease." Buddha

 There is an endless debate about which diet is more healthy. Vegetarian or non-vegetarian? While many of the people believe that a non-vegetarian diet is more healthy, there are some

My greetings to everyone On Saturday 11th June 2016 Arya Sabha Mauritius in collaboration with Anand Bhawan organised a workshop on Yoga, from 14.30 – 16.30 hrs at Rose Belle.

 IVA Speakers Peeyush and Pareksh conducted a workshop following IVA motto “Healthy mind and healthy body”  on Sunday, 22nd May 2016, 6pm  at a public park in Tagore garden located

Dear Member We are glad to inform you that last Tuesday, 8th Dec ’15, Mrs Ramchurn organised Mahila Sammelan ( The Role of Women in our Society ) at Belle

June or July at Government level every year there is an open day for abt 2 days specially Sat & Sun , with all the health depts or organisations which

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