"Every human being is the author of his own health or disease." Buddha

Date : 29/09/2013 Timmings: 9:00 am to 12:30 pm Venue: N.K. sharma Farms chandigarh-ambala highway zirakpur Dist. Mohali (Punjab) pin code: 140603

Mrs Catherine Jaeggi is a veg and we prepared vegetarian meal at her place in Switzerland. Invited her family for lunch. Mauritian style we cooked puris, potatoes in masala, rougailles

डॉ. वेदप्रताप वैदिक सारी दुनिया में भारत ही ऐसा एकमात्र देश है, जिसमें करोड़ों शाकाहारी लोग रहते हैं। ये शाकाहारी लोग मांस, मछली, अंडा वगैरह नहीं खाते। वे मांसाहार नहीं

When land is used to raise animals instead of crops, precious water and soil are lost, trees are cut down to make land for grazing or factory-farm sheds, and untreated

By Priyanka Menon A student (Atlanta GA, USA) Importance of vegetarianism 1. 3 major points: health, animal cruelty, and connection to Vedas Health: Reason 1-reduces several chronic illnesses (cancer, heart

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